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Tri-State Staging can handle all your stage equipment needs.

Risers: Complimenting Tri-State’s Mobile Stages are one hundred 4′ x 8′ risers that enable us to configure even the largest indoor stages, press risers, and concert seating platforms

Arena Configuration: Tri-State continues to service the need of each individual area, theater, or convention floor If you need to seat 3000 people in your 7000 seat house, allow us to make your space more intimate.

Pipe and Drape: Tri-State Staging, Inc. supplies and installs pipe for whatever your needs may be. We install drape in two colors, black or blue in whatever size you need.

Tri-State Staging can handle all your production needs.

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With over 10 years of experience and over 1000 shows expertly handled, Tri State Staging, Inc has constant exposure to the newest sound, lighting and video production companies in the business. Tri-State Staging also has access to the most experienced scenic shops that build the biggest show sets on the road today! From backdrops to promos to road cases, we can do it all!